Jay Smooth on Miss California & Perez Hilton

I have nothing to say really, I just think everyone needs to watch this:

I’ve been feeling really crummy about the outpouring of support for Miss California’s ignorant comments… but humor always works to make things seem less awful. I hope this makes someone else feel better too!

(Thank you Pandagon for bringing this to my attention)

The Abstinence Myth

Jessica Valenti did an amazing job on the Today Show, of defending her book (which I still need to finish reading, but Chapter One was fantastic!) and trying to explain why abstinence only education is not only ineffective, but it actually makes the problem worse. However, this video drives me crazy for two reasons: they didn’t let Jessica speak enough, not nearly as much as Lakita got to speak, and the factual information that Jessica provided was all but ignored in favor of Lakita’s metaphors and anecdotes that favored abstinence only. In honor of Jessica I’d like to compile some of the facts here, as well as anecdotes of my own, to help add to the dialogue about sexual education.


The responses below are in bullet points, and slightly all over the place, because I am attempting to respond to the video at hand, sorry!

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