Silent Revolutions, Silent Revalations

So this is I’ll Follow the Sun’s 100th post! I considered doing something “special” but ultimately decided to just keep on as normal, and whatever became the 100th post would be the special post. It worked out so well as I am proud to mark my 100th post with my first ever Day of Silence! I hope this blog has helped to inspire others to get out there and get involved as much as writing it has inspired me!

- J


Today my campus (like so many others) participated in the National Day of Silence* to support the struggles that many LGBTIQ individuals go through on a daily basis and being attention to the silence that these individuals are pressured by society to maintain in regards to major aspects of their selves. The silence officially ended here at 5pm – yet three hours later and I’ve only spoken once, for a few minutes, when a friend asked why I was still not speaking. I spoke to tell her I had not realized we “could” speak again but, I quickly disengaged and lapsed back into silence… I was surprised to find I wasn’t ready for my personal protest to end.


I decided to remain silent for a few more hours to process and to write this article, so that the lessons I have learned today will not be drowned out by the sound of my own voice before I have a chance to get them out.

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